Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Adventures In Stereo (Blue Album)" - Adventures In Stereo

Fans of Spirea X may recognize the sights and sounds of Adventures in Stereo.  Former members, Jim Beattie (Primal Scream) and Judith Boyle, formed Adventures in Stereo shortly after the downfall of Spirea X in 1993, alongside Bobbie Gillespie and Simon Dine.  Dine's name was familiar to fans of Spirea X as he had managed and co-produced their later work.  

The band used samples and loops on one of their self-titled albums (referring here to the commonly known Blue Album) to create a wide soundscape that fans from early 1960's rock 'n roll beginnings... the sugary female pop classics that weighed heavy in the mid to late 1990's:

Although the sweet pop sounds were found schmaltzy by many Primal Scream and Spirea X fans, Adventures in Stereo found a new fan base among a new generation of Lisa Loeb glasses-wearing, Phil Spector-worshipping hipsters of the 1990's.  

A very limited number of copies of The Blue Album (as well as their other self-titled, The Yellow Album) were released.  This has shown to be a detriment to the band as a cult following has emerged in the years since their demise.  If you come across a vinyl copy of either, do yourself a favor and pick it up immediately.  

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