Monday, December 5, 2011

"Gandalf" - Gandalf

Originally called The Rahgoos, Gandalf was signed to Capitol Records in 1967 and had one release.  The album, only 31 minutes in length, offers a promising psychedelic mix of dreamy, reverbed guitars, astral sitars and forlorn lyrics.  Although the band does not delve into Hobitt-filled world of Tolkien (despite the kitschy name), the lyrical subjects float from advice from gypsies to a Richard Halpert-esque questioning of one's search for the soul.

Unfortunately, Gandalf disbanded very shortly after completion of their only album.  Capitol Records shelved the album, only forced to release it due to a deal with the producers.  The album was not promoted, as Capitol no longer had any motivation without a band to send on tour or create any follow up releases.  

Sundazed Records picked up the album and re-released it in 2002, prompting a new generation of fans.  

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